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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

30 days of Paleo, training, etc. in this house

Starting yesterday I have been instructed it is back to FULL Paleo, no some paleo a week, full paleo.  So, I will (hopefully) be posting the recipes I use each day.  But, let's be real... I won't.

Tonight I am just doing a basic Lime Zest Tilapia with steamed Broccoli.  Kids are having pizza.  They haven't strayed much from the basics yet.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Easter (belated)

This is what my kiddos got!

Then we will hunt for Eggs, empty ones. :)
The one that has the most, gets a gigantic hug from me! Lol but they both have something they'll love hidden in our dining room, both purchased at a yard sale/thrift store. :) Easter under $12. Priceless.

Preparations for Safari Music Camp in Bham

Making Musical Animals, along with a little help from this guy, will be a small part of the fun!  This Singing Safari Music Camp is going to be very fun and super educational...and they won't even feel like they are learning!  The kiddos in my Munchkin Music Class play games and learn so much...not sure they know either.

Birmingham Summer Music Camps

Mason Music Singing Safari Music Camp
-much thanks!

Great Summer Music Camps in Bham

Here are 2 great summer day camps for kids, both set in Birmingham, AL.

Check out Mason Music online.

For the younger kiddos. Clink on the picture for more info. or go to Mason Music

For the older kiddos.  Clink on the picture for more info. or go to Mason Music

Combining blogs...

So, I created a new blog for kids activities, music, etc. but it seems silly to post to 2 different ones. So I will be combing the two soon. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

5 Things this morning Saturday

1. My recycling bin needs to be bigger than my trash, the amount that goes in there is... a lot.  I hope it actually does good.

2. Ignoring my kids while getting in some computer time, is actually adorable.  I am at the kitchen island and they are at the kitchen table eating breakfast, watching Little Einsteins being super sweet to each other.

3. Yesterday, I had zero voice.  Today, I have pink eye.  What will Easter bring...

4. Typing on a laptop or a keyboard is so much more satisfying than an ipad or phone.

5. I love yard sales and I am not at one this morning... you're welcome world, this pink eye is trying to contain itself.  But, I will be bringing it to my son's soccer game this afternoon. :)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sale Items...more to come

Below are some overflow of inventory.  The Sale Prices are indicated on the pictures.  Shipping is included on these Sale items.

Comment on post with item, pp email address and an invoice will be sent.